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Teenagers and One-Way Streets

We drove up to the oral surgeon's office.  I gathered my things and got out of the car.  I got all the way to the office door before realizing my son wasn't trailing behind me. He was still sitting in the car.  I could see him taking off his sweatshirt and gathering up his own things but he was in slow motion which I very much understood.

I gave him a few more moments before I went to check him in.  When he joined me, he was upset he'd forgotten his earbuds.  Music was going to transport him away- to wherever rappers hung out.  But recently I've realized when he is at his worst, he is also at his most anxious- which made two of us. 
Earbuds or no earbuds, he was going in. The doctor assured the both of us he would be fine and well looked after.  I put in my own imaginary earbuds and opened the book I'd brought with me. How I hated handing over my children for things they surely would find painful or uncomfortable.  The first day of a new daycare, a shot at the pedi…

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